Acre is a 25 acre piece of farmland adjacent to San Jose del Cabo. The restaurant, cocktail bar, event space and surrounding farms is the first phase. 12 tree-houses will be added to our palm forest shortly. Eventually the full 25 acres will be developed as a space for people to relax, learn, rejuvenate and celebrate.

All efforts have been made to keep Acre true to its place. The very walls are made from compressing the surrounding earth. The shade structures above you are made with sticks from local palo de arco trees. All of the furniture, dishware, lighting and accessories come from the Baja or the Mexican mainland. It's our belief that people appreciate authenticity in their surroundings.

Authenticity also drives our food and cocktail program. Kevin, Oscar and Dani are obsessed with using only those ingredients that are closest at hand. Between our own farm and neighbouring suppliers, our ingredients don't travel very far to your plate or glass.

At the same time we've been able to develop an extremely creative food and cocktail program, similar to what you might find in a large city. We're certain Los Cabos is ready for this type of experience.

Executive Chef

Our search for a chef hit a stumbling block early on. It seems that most talented chefs want to stay in their big cities where they can perform amongst their peers. The idea of moving to a tourist destination was a very tough sell. What made the difference for Kevin and Oscar was the fact that they'd get to set up and run their very own farm!

Quality, local ingredients are their obsession and their availability (or lack of availability) is what shapes our menu. Kevin and Oscar have both worked in the top restaurants of New York, Los Angeles and Europe. This mix of their urban experience paired with local Baja ingredients is a winning combination.

General Manager & Cocktail Program Designer

Dani wears two hats for us. She's our GM but more interestingly she's the person in charge of our cocktail program. Dani hails from the award winning Keefer Bar in Vancouver which she set up and still operates. Dani has spent the last two years travelling throughout Mexico, researching and sourcing exotic and obscure Mexican spirits. Dani will be reinventing many of these forgotten spirits into inventive and delicious cocktails.


What started as a winter vacation 4 years ago has ended in the creation of Acre. A new culture, steep learning curve and a category 4 hurricane made the experience interesting for the two Vancouver entrepreneurs but they're here for the long run. Mexico is their new home and they look forward to the upcoming years, building Acre out to its entirety.