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In today’s fast-paced world, true connection is lost the more immersed we become in our digital world. Yet here at Acre, we remain committed to honoring traditions of human connection through selfless giving. Particularly when it involves our community.

Community is a fundamental value at Acre. Be it rescuing a street dog, taking in an orphaned donkey, helping an employee in need, anonymously supporting a person in crisis, or a charitable group within the Los Cabos community who need a little help from someone who cares.

And so it’s with that same spirit of giving that we’d like to put our money where our mouth is and make Acre Giving an official and permanent part of our mission.  

Each month, the Acre team will choose one person or cause, then donate 1 USD from each lunch, dinner, or treehouse stay and give it directly to the person or project in need. 

To learn more about the Acre Giving program, keep returning to this page for monthly cause updates that we are supporting, and on the status of donations collected. You can also email us directly at, or follow our giving endeavors through our social media on Facebook and Instagram.

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Help raul jr.

Our IT manager Raúl lives in San Jose del Cabo with his beloved wife Karla and their beautiful son Raúl Jr.

Raúl son is 4 years old and and after two exhaustive years of tests, Raúl Jr. has been diagnosed with Grade I-II severe autism spectrum disorder or ASD (Grade I is the most severe grade of ASD). He can’t yet communicate verbally and prefers to play and be alone. Because Raúl Jr.’s brain is wired differently, day-to-day tasks simply don’t make sense. Self-harm is his normal recourse when situations don’t go as planned in Raúl’s daily life. 

Like any worried parents, Raúl & Karla noticed these signs from an early age and decided to seek help by visiting medical specialists in La Paz once a week to give Raúl Jr. the therapy and early stimuation he so vitally needs. Karla gave up working so she can focus on her son’s needs 100%.

During November, Acre Giving will be collecting funds for Raúl and his family, to help get all the medical help Raúl Jr. needs.

How can you help? 

Match our 1 USD donation at your lunch, dinner, or hotel stay. Or you can email us directly at to find out other ways to support Raúl. 

Your contributions are greatly appreciated, thank you!