ACRE remains committed to the health, safety and security of our Guests, Villa Owners and Staff during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Please review our Best Practices for our policies and protocols. ACRE encourages all Guests and Owners to review all current federal, state and local travel requirements and guidelines prior to travel.

January 14th, 2021

US Travel Information

Candian Travel InformatioN

As a result of the most current US (January 26, 2021) and Canadian (January 6, 2021) requirements for COVID-19 testing within three days of travel from Mexico, ACRE Guest Services is pleased to facilitate testing on behalf of ACRE Treehouse Hotel Guests. Antigen and PCR testing are available locally through several hospitals, laboratories and clinics with costs dependent upon the type of test required and in accordance with CDC and Airline requirements.

Antigen tests may be obtained for approximately $35 USD with results available within one to four hours. PCR tests may be obtained for approximately $235 USD with results available within 72 hours. A $100 USD fee will be added if testing is done on property. All test prices are subject to change and are direct cost from provider. ACRE will continue to work to find the lowest price available for our Guests and Owners.

ACRE will pay for the Antigen (Rapid) Test at the Hospital for guests staying in ACRE Treehouses for 3 or more nights.

Testing can be scheduled via ACRE Guest Services Team prior to guest arrival.

Due to the requirements in place effective January 26, 2021 for travel to the US, we strongly encourage all Guests and Owners to confirm with your airline for specific testing requirements prior to travel.

Current CDC Requirements

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